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The FuN ChrisTmAs Site for KiDs

Even when we were small we loved ChristmasDid you know? Each year when we were small we used to make Christmas Cards using our's an old one!

Welcome from us! :) Well, okay, so maybe about now you're wondering who we are? Well, we're three kids - two brothers and a sister, and we live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Our Mum builds websites, and we've been nagging her for ages to show us how to do that so that we could build our own site -

and this is our very first web site! ;)

It isn't perfect, but we've spent a lot of time putting all of our ideas together and doing drawings and finding pictures to use. We love Christmas like all kids everywhere, so we've had a lot of fun putting this site together, that's why we called it the 'Fun Christmas Site for Kids'!

Since we started this site just before last Christmas, we have learn a thing or two about building sites, so over the next few days we'll be improving the look of our site - we hope you will like the end result! Also, we've had a lot of emails from grownups and kids asking us about where to go online to buy Christmas presents. We had a look around, there's heaps of American and UK shops online, but we finally found a pile of really good Australian shops, you'll know a lot of them, and we have them over here in our very own Online Shopping Mall. How cool is that?! Inside our site we've reviewed our favourite toys and the hottest gifts for kids this year so guys or Mums and Dads, if you want some clues as to what is 'in' this year then head over to our toys page to suss it out.

We've also got christmas crafts for kids such as making a Christmas hat, your own wrapping paper, and gift tags.

Jane, the youngest of us, is really into crafts, and , Word Searches, and Slide Puzzles.

You can also print out really cool paper to write your Letter to Santa, and color-in some of our hand drawn Christmas pages, or even see what we love to eat at Christmas time in our recipes section. Just navigate from the links on your left hand side - have fun, and Merry Christmas! :)

This ChristmasWebring site owned by Kathy.
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May you keep the Joy of Christmas in your
Heart all through the year.

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