Flaming Lamborghini Cocktail

For one serve:

- 1 nip of coffee liqueur eg. kahlua
- 1 nip of cointreau
- 1 nip of white sambucca
- 1 dash of cream


There has been many and varied versions of the Flaming Lamborghini and they were very popular once upon a time - people having to drink the lit alcohol through a plastic straw before the straw melted, etc... But, that was in the time BEFORE drunken tossers used to hurt themselves - or those around them by drinking Flaming Lamborghinis. I don't know of anywhere locally in Australia that actually serves the traditional Flaming Lamborghinis, there may be some places, but here's the go on the 'new' Flaming Lamborghini. Layer the kahlua, cointreau and sambucca into a shot glass. Light the sambucca and let it flame a little to heat up the drink. Then, put a teaspoon of cream on top to put out the flame and then down the shot. Cheers!