Toblerone Cocktail

For one serve:

- 1 nip of hazelnut flavored liqueur eg. frangelico
- 1 nip of coffee flavored liqueur eg. kahlua
- 1 nip of irish cream whisky eg. baileys
- 1 tablespoon of honey
- 2 nips of cream
- chocolate syrup
- ice cubes


Put the frangelico, kahlua, baileys, honey, and cream into a cocktail shaker with the ice. Shake vigorously. Pour chocolate syrup into the side of a balloon glass and rotate the glass to create a pattern on its inside with the chocolate syrup. Gently strain the mix from the cocktail shaker into the glass. Decorate the drink with some flaked chocolate, and the rim of the glass with strawberries. Decadence! Cheers!